Operational Problems of Water Distribution Network

Course Outlines

    • Reinforce participants’ knowledge in the field of Operational Problems of Water Distribution Network

      Familiarize participants with issues causing problems in distribution systems

      Upgrade drawing interpretation in GIS Maps and inventory of pipes and fittings in the water supply system

      Give the participant the skills required to Diagnose the failure in Water Distribution Network

      Learn how to Maintain different types of Water Distribution network

      Learn how to define Leakage of water and Causes and how to deal with Unauthorized connections,

      Learn up-to-date know how to approach resolving the Operational Problems in Water Distribution Network

Course language

  • will be Bilingual (English/Arabic)

Course Program

The following program is planned for this course. However, the course instructor(s) may modify this program during the course for technical reasons or participants feedback with no prior notice to participants. Nevertheless, the course objectives will always be met:


The training course will be limited to Three (03) Days full time (From 08:00 am to 13:00am).

-Water system components -Water treatment plant ( water desalination plant ) -Water Pumping stations


Lifting pumping station


Booster pumping station


-Water hammering protection systems -Reservoirs -Transmission mains -City tanks -Distribution mains -Water networks


Junctions ,


Pipes ,


Zones and Districts


-Fire fighting elements -Different types of water Valves :


Isolation valves


Directional valves


Altitude valves


Air release valve and vacuum breaker


Breaking valves


Control valves ( PRV )


Control switches


– Classification of water networks,


Branched networks


Looped networks


Zoning networks


– Water network pipe materials & fittings,


Ductile iron


Plastic (HDPE/PVC)






Residential (copper or plastic)


Water network fittings


– Design and operation of service reservoirs


Shapes and configurations


Depth of water


Flow pattern


Water age


– GIS Maps and inventory of pipes and fittings in the water supply system,


GIS fundamentals


Keys to successful implementation


GIS analysis and visualization


– Normal operation, issues causing problems in distribution systems,


Adjusting pressure zones boundaries


Taking a tank off-line


Shutting down a section from the system


Power outages


Water distribution system flushing


Disinfectant residuals and right injection


Emergency operation


– Diagnostic of Water Distribution Network


Inspection procedures for water networks




– Low and Excessive pressure, appropriate pressure,


Identifying the problem


Modeling the existing pressure


Finding closed valves


Solving the problem


Low fire flow problems


– Leakage of water and causes,


Leakage control


Leakage detection


Pipe Leakage treatment


– Unauthorized connections,


Categories of illegal usage cases


Practical reduction of illegal use of water


Identification and investigation of illegal use cases


Steps to be taken for identified illegal cases


Technical corrective or preventive interventions for the different illegal connections


– Maintenance type of Water Distribution network,


Different types of maintenance


Run to failure


Preventive maintenance


Predictive and proactive maintenance


– Maintenance problems


Hygienic water-quality problems


Aesthetic water-quality problems


Hydraulic deficiencies


Structural performance problems




– New approach to resolve Operational Problems in Water Distribution Network


Controlling Water Distribution Networks


What is Water Network Monitoring?


Monitoring for Sustainability


Smart Metering


The Future: Smart Water Networks


– Health related design and operation checklist


Pipe network


Service reservoirs


Controlling disinfectant residuals


Zoning networks


Material of construction and pipe location


Cross – connections and backflow

Code Total Dates Venue
WD211 30 Alexandria

Dr. Radwan Mostafa Kamal

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Power Engineering Dept.,Faculty of Engineering, Zagazig University, Zagazig , Egypt. General manager of ( ECORD )