Water Distribution systems: Execution, interaction with other utilities, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting

Course Objectives

Water distribution network is one of the most essential utilities of an urban town planning. Engineers who are interest for such facilities should have Knowledge Management (KM) prior planning, design and constructions phases of such projects. The water distribution network passing through several stages up to water supply and up to age failure (planning, Design, Constructions, Operations, Maintenance and relationship between water network and other utilities during and after constructions) The main objective of the course is to execute every stage efficiently to raise the efficiency of the following  stages for all network components: – How to collect professionally knowledge, information, planning and design to get a professionally successful project. – How to execute the project to get a professionally successful network. – How to make good operation and preventive maintenance to minimized the corrective maintenance. – How to make quick and professional corrective maintenance to minimized time and  water losses.

Course language

  • will be Bilingual (English/Arabic)

Who Should Attend

  • Senior water engineers ,Project engineers ,Operation engineers , maintenance engineers , technical office engineers , technicians , supervisors.

Course Duration:

5 days Public outdoor course (7:30 am _ 2:30 pm)


Course Outlines :

  • Introduction to water network and planning using knowledge management KM.
  • Introduction to water distribution network planning.
  • Key members who are co-operating to make planning and design.
  • Scope of work for the projects ( consultants & contractors ).
  • The stages of design ( data collections , surveying , issue PDR , DDR , DTDR ).
  • Items used to execute the projects.
  • Pumping stations components.
  • Tanks and reservoirs.
  • Pipes with almost used kinds.
  • Fittings and its uses.
  • Control items and control philosophy.
  • Valves and fitting.
  • Construction of the projects.
  • Shop drawings and build drawings.
  • Installation of pipeline and construct chambers.
  • Commissioning of the project.
  • Operation of pumping stations ( pumping control philosophy).
  • Optimization of operational control.
  • Operation of different types of valves associated with WDN
  • Operation PRV and PSV for different pressure zones
  • Operational problems associated with WDN
  • Leakage , leak detection techniques, High pressure , low pressure , insufficient water Surge , vacuum , air pocket , died ends Back flow prevention , cross connections
  • Preventive maintenance of WDN components
  • Corrective maintenance of WDN components
  • Troubleshooting WDN components
  • Relationship between WDN and other utilities during project constructions.
  • Relationship between WDN and other utilities after the water supply by the network.
  • Troubleshoot due to bad execution, bad operations and poor preventive maintenance.
Code Total DatesVenue
WN200 30hr 2015-03-01 Istanbul

Eng. Mohamed Ismail Laithy Ahmed

Operation & Maintenance Engineer for All Western Region of Abu-Dhabi Abu-Dhabi Distribution Company ADDC