Dr. Ashraf abdelfattah ali hassanein

Associate Professor of Mechanical Design and Production Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Zagazig University, Egypt


Ph.D. December 2002, Materials Engineering, Drexel University, USA.

Ph.D. Title  Carbon Nano Tube Reinforced Carbon Nano Composite Fibrils by Electro-Spinning.

M.Sc. December 1994, Mechanical Design and Production Engineering, Zagazig University, Egypt.

M.Sc. Title Stress Analysis of Composite Materials Structures.

B.Sc. May 1987 in Mechanical Engineering with first honor degree and ranked the first of the class, very good 82.8%, Zagazig University, Egypt. 

Field Experience

1982 : Multi-purpose residential, commercial & Office building, 14 floors. Gedda, Saudi Arabia.April.

1984  : Block apartment BLD, Ismailia, Egypt.

1985 :  Apartment & Office building, Ismailia, Egypt.

1986  :  Police Officers’ beach club, Ismailia .

1987  : Amal City planning, 17 acres, Block apartments & land plots. Ismailia.

1988 :  Nesma Beach villas & cabins, Bitter Lake, Suez.

1989 : Land escape of Hotel Etap (Mercure) cabins. Ismailia.

1991 : Ameen Oasis, residential compound of 26 different Islamic style villas, Cairo-Alexandira desert  road.

1993 : Interior design of Cairo Stadium indoor halls, for the International Population Conference,  Cairo.

1994 : Residential Mansion, swimming pool, tennis court & garages, King Mariout, Alexandria.  900m².

1995 :  Karimo Motel, Upper Cliff, Sharm El Sheikh.

1996 :  Villa & apartment BLD in The 6th of October city (near Cairo).                                                     

1997 :  El Manar Language  High School : 36 classes, 5 labs, 4 activity rooms, cafeteria, mosque, services & multi-purpose hall.

1999 :  Al Ayoun Resort : 3 types of villas, cabins, 12 swimming pools, shops,  play courts, mosque,  administration and services. 4 star hotel of 210 rooms with full services. 300000  m², Sainai, Red sea.

2001 : Office Building of Green Valley Company.

2002 :  Planning Studies & proposal layouts of 2 villages in Diarb Negm, Al Sharkia Governorate,Egypt.

2005 :  Canal Higher Institute for Engineering & Canal Higher Institute for Business   Administration and  Technology. Both institutes have full educational services, 15000 m².