Dr. Eng. Khaled Ibrahim Nabil Ahmed

Professor of Architecture & Building Technology at Faculty of Engineering, Islamic Architecture Dep. Omm Al Qurra University. Makka, SA.


B.Sc. of Architectural Engineering, Housing Branch, Faculty of Engineering,    Alexandria University1981.

-  M. Sc. of "The Construction of Low-income Housing", Faculty of Engineering,                                                            Zagazig University 1988.

- Ph.D. of Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo  University in collaboration with Pennsylvania State University 1995.  The thesis title was   "Appropriate Self Build Technology".


Field Experience

1982 : Multi-purpose residential, commercial & Office building, 14 floors. Gedda, Saudi Arabia.April.

1984  : Block apartment BLD, Ismailia, Egypt.

 1985 :  Apartment & Office building, Ismailia, Egypt.

1986  :  Police Officers’ beach club, Ismailia .

1987  : Amal City planning, 17 acres, Block apartments & land plots. Ismailia.

1988 :  Nesma Beach villas & cabins, Bitter Lake, Suez.

1989 : Land escape of Hotel Etap (Mercure) cabins. Ismailia.

1991 : Ameen Oasis, residential compound of 26 different Islamic style villas, Cairo-Alexandira desert road.

1993 : Interior design of Cairo Stadium indoor halls, for the International Population Conference, Cairo.

1994 : Residential Mansion, swimming pool, tennis court & garages, King Mariout, Alexandria. 900m².

1995 :  Karimo Motel, Upper Cliff, Sharm El Sheikh.

1996 :  Villa & apartment BLD in The 6th of October city (near Cairo).                                                          

1997 :  El Manar Language  High School : 36 classes, 5 labs, 4 activity rooms, cafeteria, mosque,  services & multi-purpose hall.

1999 :  Al Ayoun Resort : 3 types of villas, cabins, 12 swimming pools, shops,  play courts, mosque, administration and services. 4 star hotel of 210 rooms with full services. 300000 m², Sainai, Red sea.

2001 : Office Building of Green Valley Company.

2002 :  Planning Studies & proposal layouts of 2 villages in Diarb Negm, Al Sharkia Governorate, Egypt.

2005 :  Canal Higher Institute for Engineering & Canal Higher Institute for Business Administration and

Technology. Both institutes have full educational services, 15000 m².